Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

When Brown Forman (maker of Woodford Reserve, Jack Daniels, and Old Forester) get into the secondary ageing game you know it’s going to be good, for the simple fact that Brown Forman is the ONLY major bourbon producer who controls all of their barrels and wood programs from start to finish. Vertically integrated at the barrel level, Brown Forman sources the wood, ages it in their lumbar yards and warehouses, treats, chars, and shapes the barrels by hand so every whiskey maker at Brown Forman is intimately familiar with the flexibility and creativity they can access with their barrels. Enter Woodford Reserve Double Oaked, an item we have 20% off of through 1/8/24 for only $43.99, a STEAL of a price for this elegantly double oaked finished whiskey coming in at a smooth drinking 90.4 proof. This is dessert whiskey, as the normal brown sugar sweetness of Woodford is kicked up a notch by the extra oak.