Green River Wheated Sour Mash Bourbon

An old DSP (distilled spirits plant) and an old brand (Green RIier) have finally reunited! Green River wheated bourbon at 21% wheat excludes lots of warm fruit, cereal notes, and light oak spice. On the palate it’s one of the lightest, sweetest, and dare we say “smoothest” bourbons on the market. Soft vanilla, fresh cut oak, a touch of caramel as well. If you like Maker’s Mark but want something even easier to sip on, give Green River a try!

PREVIEW Five Trail Coors Whiskey Co. Blended American Whiskey

Since the announcement of Coors Whiskey Co buying Blue Run, we thought it would sneak a preview taste of Coors very own “Five Trail” Blended American Whiskey. Three straight bourbons and a Colorado single malt, all from undisclosed locations combine into a pretty darn drinkable profile. This ain’t whiskey for the super nerds, but something different, an every day drinkable American Blend. Soft spice on the nose, light fruit, and a touch of oak, definitely traditional bourbon flavor forward. On the palate, peaches, apples, and oranges with a chewy, malt driven core. Tastes like peach preserves on a biscuit and goes down really well with a yellow jacket!

Hard Truth Sweet Mash Rye

This is Bourbon World’s first Hard Truth Sweet Mash Rye single barrel and it’s a doozy, bottled at 117.9 proof uncut and unfiltered from the barrel, it exhibits notes of maple candy, pine, sweet earth, and ripe peaches. On the palate the pine and spice notes explode with a rich mid-palate that’s fairly reminiscent of scotch. It definitely drinks smoother than the 117.9 proof, and provides a tapestry of fruit not found in more traditional or legacy rye whiskies. Did this with an Old Fashioned as well and loved it, especially the interaction with the Luxardo cherry.

Wathen’s Single Barrel

Made by the Medley family from a mashbill of 77% corn, 10% rye, and 13% malted barley and bottled in Fairfield California, this at least 4 year old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Single Barrel selection from Bourbon World is bottled at 94 proof (same as Blanton’s) and exudes mixed nuts, leather, red fruit, beeswax and vanilla on the nose. On the palate, a pillowy soft fruit note with pear, peach, banana, and vanilla custard. Just about the SOFTEST and SWEETEST drinking single barrel selection we’ve had in a while.

Whistlepig Single Barrel 10yr Rye

This single barrel of Canadian Whistlepig rye bottle at 106 proof exudes freshly cut oak, pepper, oak spice, licorice, cinnamon sprinkled bananas, and massive florals. On the palate, chewy malt notes reminiscent of Stranahan’s with honey, lemon, and sugar pie throughout. Quick hit of spice on the finish to leaving you wanting more.

Whistlepig Piggyback Single Barrel

DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH ALERT…this new Bourbon World selection of Whistlepig Piggyback 100% rye bottled at 112.7 proof, distilled in Vermont and aged 6 years is a KNOCKOUT! Oily peppermint and graham cracker on the nose, fresh cut oak, grassy rye and a huge spice KICK! Load this thing up with ice and let it mellow down. I had it as an Old Fashioned and loved every spicy minute of that drink! Finally a spice level that rivals MGP”s 95/5 rye.

George Remus “Bourbon World” Single Barrel

Made with an MGP recipe that’s not readily available on the bulk market, this single barrel is about as “high rye” as they come, with a mashbill of 51% corn, 39% rye, and 10% malted barley. Bottled at 113.2 proof, the nose is straight forward spice with a touch of orchard fruit and citrus. The palate is an explosion of tropical fruit and spice. This is like an OBSK from Four Roses on steroids with even tertiary tropical flavors emerging like pineapple, and fresh coconut shavings. Diamond hard rye spice at first, then a blast of sweet spice to finish. Warming throughout. Really fun!

New Riff Rye Bourbon World Single Barrel 14561

Our latest “Bourbon World” selection of New Riff rye whiskey is their 95% rye bottled at 113.3 proof. Big spring mint, along with lavender, Earl Grey, and a touch of dill on the nose. On the palate, mint chocolate chip ice cream with some drying herbs thrown into the mix, really juicy and herb forward, this stuff is getting complex in the best kind of way. Seek this bottle out.

Whistlepig Small Batch Rye 10yr

This blend of 10yr old straight rye whiskies from Canada bottled at 100 proof presents mint and floral aromas with just a touch of fruit and grain on the nose. The palate explodes with fruit driven rye flavor. Tropical fruit, as well as banana with a sharp rye spice, grassy rye, with a sweet earthiness emerging on the finish. Don’t let this standard offering of Whistlepig pass you by, it’s still damn premium with a depth of flavor that the price point commands.