Calumet 10yr

Calumet Farm may be on the biggest “sleeper hit” whiskey brands on the market. Yes, they source all their Kentucky whiskey, but they’ve been doing it for so long they’ve got one of the largest selections of sourced older bottlings which have been hitting the market in recent years. Their “Bull Lea” 10 year is a non-chill filtered 100 proof, 10yr old bourbon dripping with character. We love the fact that it’s bottled at 100 proof which softens the oak impact just enough to make it imminently drinkable neat. The 74% corn, 18% rye, and 8% malted barley carries with it spice, fruit, and enough soft oak to round out the mouth feel. More leather on the finish with a warm cocoa and biscuit honey burst on the end.

Elijah Craig Rye 750

Elijah Craig has spent lots of marketing dollars in the last few years on building a campaign around Elijah Craig bourbon as the “go to” for an Old Fashioned, which is quite serviceable in almost every level, but we’ve always been fans of rye based old fashioned’s which is why the Elijah Craig RYE is a perfect opportunity to make this drink. Bottled at 94 proof, the EC rye is on the lighter side of rye whiskey mashbills, but that makes it all the better as a sub for this classic cocktail. The spice is subtle, warming, inflected with mint, woodsy oak, and a pile of fresh orchard fruit and leather. Go light on the sugar and try it with orange bitters and three Luxardo cherries, you’ll thank us!

Old Elk Four Grain 750

The EPITOME of “Sleeper Hit” the 2022 Old Elk Four Grain is a blend of 2 of the best MGP recipes at unheard of ages. The High Malt MGP bourbon and the high wheat MGP bourbon. Both are realtively polarizing whiskies on their own at younger ages, but at these ages, mellowed out and blended together the combination is something EXTRAORDINARY! Eucalyptus, mint, camphor, and herbs on the nose. On the palate, cinnamon spice, a signature of MGP is followed by toffee and caramel, then whipped into an oak frenzy on the finish.

Rossville Union Cask Strength Single Barrel

We’re doing one of our BEST Sleeper Hit sales of the year on Rossville Union Single Barrell Cask Strength bottlings, from 2022 and 2023! Regular Price, $59.99. We’ve got them on promo through the end of the year at $39.99! Don’t miss out on these cask strength, super high rye RYES made right here in our some state. The best of these examples are piney, minty, and sweet, with a long spicy finish and rock candy sweetness that persists with an oak background holding it all together.

Green River Wheated Bourbon

Lifting out of the Terresentia fog of rapid ageing bourbon, DSP KY-10 has finally found its footing with an historical brand name, “Green River” and fully age, large barrels sans the sonic vibrations, additions of heat and other sundry snake oil applications. Their rye based 4yr was one of the best sleeper hits of last year, now enter their Wheater, a 90 proof, soft as eiderdown 4yr straight from the silk factory. On the nose, pears in syrup, vanilla buttercream, and lime zest. On the palate, big soft fruit with banana runts, and intermittent spice through the candy-coated finish.

Remus Repeal Reserve VII 2023

This year’s Remus Repeal Reserve is the 7th in the series, a blend of 5 different ages and 2 different Ross & Squib (MGP) mashbills, and bottled at a very drinkable and laudable 100 proof! The blend consists of 6% 2007 bourbon from the 12% rye recipe, along with 26% from 2013 of the same recipe, and yet 21% more of that recipe from 2014. The mix of 36% rye bourbons are 26% from 2013 and 21% from 2014. Sometimes transparency can go too far, especially when some of these whiskies are so close together, but we can appreciate the attempt nonetheless. Anyway, the bourbon itself has a very elegant and fragrant nose with peach, pear, soft leather and cherry. On the palate, an excellent mix of MGP soft fruit with one of the BEST MGP finished I’ve ever had. Vanilla buttercream sweet with sweet oak and a sweetened cinnamon bun to go with it. If you like Four Roses high end releases, these are basically the same darn recipes from a different distillery, so if you’d pay $250 for Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition, you should consider grabbing a bottle of Remus Repeal Reserve VII.

Quality House Bourbon

Bottom shelf review alert! Previously known as “Heaven Hill White Label 80 proof” and now affectionately called “Quality House” this 3 year, 78% Corn, 12% Malted Barley, 10% Rye bourbon competes in the same category as Old Crow from Suntory and Benchmark from Sazerac. All three are basically 3yr old, 80 proof versions which turn into higher priced, older and higher proof whiskies in later lives. For me, the herbal and mint depth of the usual Heaven Hill is apparent, but without the heavier oak to mask and round out the fresh herbs. The flavor is soft, sweet, and uncomplicated. If you’re ever looking to throw some ice in a tall glass and just drink some damn Kentucky sour mash, this may just be your jam.

Old Fitzgerald 10yr BIB Spring 2023 Release

The Old Fitzgerald BIB decanter is one of my favorite releases of the year. The 17yr is still one of my all time favorites, and even when they haven’t been sublime, they’ve always been really good. Enter this year’s 10 year old expression at 100 proof. Rich peanut and red fruit on the nose with maple and toffee. On the palate, intense spice with cardamom, leather, and a rich orchard fruit core surrounded by oak intensity.

Monk’s Road Small Batch Wheated Bourbon

Right in the heart of bourbon country lies the bucolic Abbey at Gethsamane, home to cheese and fruit cake making monks and the one time home of Thomas Merton, one of America’s intellectual giants. If you are visiting any of the countryside distilleries, it’s worth a stop, as the chapel itself is a true place of respite among Kentucky’s rolling bluegrass. And NOW, just a few hundred yards down the road you can pay a visit to Wally Dant’s latest project, the Log Still Distillery, home to several brands, one of them a 4 yr wheated bourbon aptly named Monk’s Road. The 94 proof offering was contract distilled to their specifications and presents a fantastic combination of high florals and heavy leather. On the palate, an initial sweetness gives way to strong oak, lots of spice, and a mellowing, complex fruit finish.

Spirits of French Lick Mattie Gladden High Rye

Locally made in French Lick, Mattie Gladden is a double pot-distilled 4yr Bottled in Bond, 35% High Rye bourbon. While the Gladden House today is a restored B and B on Main Street in Salem, during Ms. Gladden’s time it operated as a house of ill-repute. On the nose a distinct cherry cordial note, followed by oak spice, cedar, and citrus. On the palate, more soft fruit, a warming baking spice, and a long oak driven finish.