Caribou Crossing “BRL” Single Barrel 2023

As mysterious as a snow-bound yeti and as dazzling as the northern lights, comes Sazerac’s single barrel Canadian Whiskey…Caribou Crossing, a playful twist on “Buffalo Trace” with the silly sculpted animal on top to match. What’s the real story though? This is an 80 proof Canadian whisky single barrel with no age statement (other than for legal purposes 3 yr. requirement) with no known origin distillery. It’s truly one of the LEAST transparent and most popular products on the market. Why? Because Sazerac fanatics love the Buffalo Trace connection, but when they actually TASTE a Canadian whiskey for the first time, they kind of love it. And what’s not to love? Canadian whisky is good. Really good. It’s usually lighter than bourbon, smoother than bourbon, and generally lower proof, which makes the complexity more subtle, and oftentimes more pleasurable. This particular single barrel 167 presents fresh cut oak, vanilla bean ice cream, and butterscotch on the nose. On the palate a creamy vanilla and citrus pairing, crème brulee, then a touch of spice. It’s a refined sipper, with a unique profile, and an exceptionally smooth finish.

Booker’s “Pinkie’s Batch” 2022-04

This Booker’s batch named “Pinkie’s Batch” is a combination of four different warehouse productions, aged 6 years, 10 months, and 10 days and bottled at 122.4 proof. Named after Fred Noe’s grandfather Fredrick “Pinkie” Booker Noe, this batch launches into the atmosphere with hazelnut, cedar wood, camphor, and spice. On the palate, a wave of hot vanilla, then mint, then back to brown sugar and cinnamon.

Bulleit Single Barrel Preview

This spring we picked two delicious Bulliet single barrels. Bourbon World High Rye which is the “B” mashbill of 36% rye and the “1” yeast featuring a rich tropical fruit and leather profile. Given a 10-12yr age range for this one with only a 7 case yield. We also selected a Bourbon World “Fruit Bomb” with utilizes the “E” or 21% rye mashbill and the Number “2” yeast which gives the spirit a fruity aroma and creamy texture. This is the the 8-10 yr range. Since these are both much OLDER barrels than what the current Bulleit facility has been operating you can bet these are older MGP barrels. They are bottled at 104 proof, perfect for the mash and yeasts used. These are definitely higher quality single barrels than the current profile of the program itself, so take advantage a grab a few. They’ll be incredible daily drinkers.

Bernheim Barrel Proof Wheat Whiskey

One of the weirdest standard releases in whiskey gets a facelift with this 118.8 proof version of Bernheim wheat. A WHEAT WHISKEY, and not a wheated bourbon, the grain note on the nose is massive, like a wood-fired oven bakery, then follows oak, then a touch of orange fruit on the end. The palate is a full flavored grain blockbuster, almost austere, but with JUST enough vanilla and toffee to balance it out. This is what I would call a “change up” whiskey. If you’ve been banging away at Sazerac products, or wheated whiskies for a month give your palate something completely different but still in the bourbon/whiskey universe.

Perry’s Secret Stock Crimson Red Corn Bourbon

Juicy red fruit along with fat, sweet, and oily corn notes lead this extremely RARE bottle of bourbon. Selected by Perry Ford from experimental MGP stocks, there will never be another like this. 75% Crimson Red Corn, 21% rye, and 4% barley, aged 9yrs, bottled at 103 proof and finished in port barrels by Carindal for a year. Unlike some higher priced rarities from the past, THIS ONE HITS THE SPOT. Perfectly balanced MGP fruit with a dry corn and oak spice note that’s juicy as hell.

Woody Creek Bourbon

This four year Colorado Bourbon made with Colorado grain and bottled at 90 proof from a mash of 70% corn, 15% rye, and 15% malted barley and aged in #3 char barrels presents lifted cinnamon roll on the nose, honey, and a distinct fresh berry medley note. On the palate the 90 proofer is sweet and spicy. The malt really asserts itself, with an almost beer wash maltiness which I personally enjoy. What’s great about Woody Creek is that it’s an actual bourbon that tastes DIFFERENT. I would say this tastes more like a heavily charred Canadian whiskey combined with a Highland Single Malt scotch.

Proper 12 Irish Whiskey

One of the more successful celebrity brand launches in the last several years, Conor McGregor’s collaboration with Proximo, owners of Bushmills has helped bring a classic Irish whiskey into the mainstream. Traditional soft fruit aromas are paired with fragrant vanilla and touches of barrel spice. Soft honey and apple through the finish.

Very Old Barton 86 Proof

There aren’t that many legacy value brand bottom shelf bourbons out there anymore, especially for under $15. That’s why VOB (Very Old Barton) 86 is still completely satisfying. Cheaper than Beam white, but in the 4yr age range. The nose is light butterscotch, candy corn, and cinnamon mint. The palate is soft fruit followed by a big hit of cinnamon spice. You get this on the 1792 single barrels but it’s tempered here by the lower proof which brings out a lot more fruit. Fruit and spice persists throughout the finish.

Four Roses Single barrel

Always an OBSV, 35% rye with the delicate fruity yeast and bottled at 100 proof, around 7-9 years old. This is the epitome of “under the radar” hall of famer. People hunt the barrel proof, but they forget how good the regular OBSV single barrel at 100 proof and priced under $60! When the price shoots you’ll regret not buying every bottle in site, as this is on par with finding Weller in the wild under $50! Soft floral nose with light cinnamon. Classic Four Roses. Perfect concentration of baking spice and apple on the palate, with a long sweet and spicy finish. 

Bernheim Wheat Whiskey

I LOVE a whiskey like Bernheim Wheat, something that’s steadily been available and flying below the radar for years and in light Heaven Hill’s recent announcement of a barrel strength version I’ve decided to take another look. Citrus and fresh baked sourdough on the nose with a touch of apricot. On the palate, aged leather, soft fruit, and a bready, yeasty hit of wheat. Try this in an Old Fashioned for something incredibly soft and sweet. Nice oak notes as well for 7 years!