Remus Repeal Reserve VII 2023

This year’s Remus Repeal Reserve is the 7th in the series, a blend of 5 different ages and 2 different Ross & Squib (MGP) mashbills, and bottled at a very drinkable and laudable 100 proof! The blend consists of 6% 2007 bourbon from the 12% rye recipe, along with 26% from 2013 of the same recipe, and yet 21% more of that recipe from 2014. The mix of 36% rye bourbons are 26% from 2013 and 21% from 2014. Sometimes transparency can go too far, especially when some of these whiskies are so close together, but we can appreciate the attempt nonetheless. Anyway, the bourbon itself has a very elegant and fragrant nose with peach, pear, soft leather and cherry. On the palate, an excellent mix of MGP soft fruit with one of the BEST MGP finished I’ve ever had. Vanilla buttercream sweet with sweet oak and a sweetened cinnamon bun to go with it. If you like Four Roses high end releases, these are basically the same darn recipes from a different distillery, so if you’d pay $250 for Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition, you should consider grabbing a bottle of Remus Repeal Reserve VII.