Uncle Nearest Rye

Canadian Rye, aged in New York and Tennessee and bottled and blended in Tennessee at 100 proof. Maple and vanilla cake on the nose with a particular walnut aroma. On the palate, soft and inviting rye. Fresh cut grass and spice with a touch of honey on the finish. Warming spice throughout.

High West “The Prisoner’s Share”

A blend of straight bourbon and rye whiskey aged between 4 and 15yrs finished in French oak barrels that once held “The Prisoner” red wine blend. On the nose strawberries and raspberries and some cinnamon spice. Very different, and very alluring. On the palate at 102 proof the spice hits first, then the red fruit, then a soft waxy almost swedish fish flavor emerges. Fruit and spice forward to the end!

Chicken Cock Bourbon

Light grain and lemon notes on the nose, citrusy, with fresh sourdough and leading floral aromas. On the palate, a distinctly nutty spice. Caramel then raspberry and finally black pepper spice. Fruity on the nose, spicy on the palate.

Kentucky Owl “Takumi” Edition

A blend of Kentucky Straight Bourbon ranging from 4yrs old to 13yrs old in a variety of rye based and wheat based mashbills, blendeded by Nagahama distillery’s Master Blender, Mr. Yahisa Yusuke from a set of samples pulled by John Rhea, Kentucky Bourbon Hall of famer and former Four Roses COO. The nose is apricots, pears, and soft cinnamon. The palate at 100 proof with mint, leather, and a healthy touch of earthy spice.

Tin Cup Mountain Whiskey

A blend of Indiana MGP 21% rye mash bourbon + Colorado Malt Whiskey from Stranahans. Light apple and cinnamon bread aromas, butter cookie, and malted milkshake. On the palate, a blend of baking spices and juicy malt notes. Good starter whiskey that’s spicier than you’d expect.

Castle & Key Restoration Rye

Lots of work has gone into restoring the Old Taylor plant so that it can once again host guests, distill whiskey, and be a general destination for bourbon lovers and lovers of history. With their 2022 Restoration Rye, a 63% rye, 20% malted barley, and 17% corn mash they’ve managed to conjure up a vary sweet and citrus forward whiskey with fresh cereal grain notes, lemon, pear, and a touch of tea and spice. Bottled at 103 proof, the honey and citrus are very well balanced with the spice notes forming on the finish. At 3yrs old, this is young, but I don’t taste an imperfections that would keep this from getting better every year. If you like new, strong, and interesting flavors and really do search for something fundamentally different, give it a shot.

Leopold Brothers/Dickel Rye Collaboration Blend

Heavy floral notes, lavender and rose especially with touches of spice. Lots of spice on the palate, persistently sweet. The collaboration between Leopold Bros out of Colorado and George Dickel in Tennessee is realtively unprecedented in modern whiskey brands. This whiskey is definitely worth checking out.