Monk’s Road Small Batch Wheated Bourbon

Right in the heart of bourbon country lies the bucolic Abbey at Gethsamane, home to cheese and fruit cake making monks and the one time home of Thomas Merton, one of America’s intellectual giants. If you are visiting any of the countryside distilleries, it’s worth a stop, as the chapel itself is a true place of respite among Kentucky’s rolling bluegrass. And NOW, just a few hundred yards down the road you can pay a visit to Wally Dant’s latest project, the Log Still Distillery, home to several brands, one of them a 4 yr wheated bourbon aptly named Monk’s Road. The 94 proof offering was contract distilled to their specifications and presents a fantastic combination of high florals and heavy leather. On the palate, an initial sweetness gives way to strong oak, lots of spice, and a mellowing, complex fruit finish.