Castle & Key Restoration Rye

Lots of work has gone into restoring the Old Taylor plant so that it can once again host guests, distill whiskey, and be a general destination for bourbon lovers and lovers of history. With their 2022 Restoration Rye, a 63% rye, 20% malted barley, and 17% corn mash they’ve managed to conjure up a vary sweet and citrus forward whiskey with fresh cereal grain notes, lemon, pear, and a touch of tea and spice. Bottled at 103 proof, the honey and citrus are very well balanced with the spice notes forming on the finish. At 3yrs old, this is young, but I don’t taste an imperfections that would keep this from getting better every year. If you like new, strong, and interesting flavors and really do search for something fundamentally different, give it a shot.