Caribou Crossing “BRL” Single Barrel 2023

As mysterious as a snow-bound yeti and as dazzling as the northern lights, comes Sazerac’s single barrel Canadian Whiskey…Caribou Crossing, a playful twist on “Buffalo Trace” with the silly sculpted animal on top to match. What’s the real story though? This is an 80 proof Canadian whisky single barrel with no age statement (other than for legal purposes 3 yr. requirement) with no known origin distillery. It’s truly one of the LEAST transparent and most popular products on the market. Why? Because Sazerac fanatics love the Buffalo Trace connection, but when they actually TASTE a Canadian whiskey for the first time, they kind of love it. And what’s not to love? Canadian whisky is good. Really good. It’s usually lighter than bourbon, smoother than bourbon, and generally lower proof, which makes the complexity more subtle, and oftentimes more pleasurable. This particular single barrel 167 presents fresh cut oak, vanilla bean ice cream, and butterscotch on the nose. On the palate a creamy vanilla and citrus pairing, crème brulee, then a touch of spice. It’s a refined sipper, with a unique profile, and an exceptionally smooth finish.