Bulleit Single Barrel Preview

This spring we picked two delicious Bulliet single barrels. Bourbon World High Rye which is the “B” mashbill of 36% rye and the “1” yeast featuring a rich tropical fruit and leather profile. Given a 10-12yr age range for this one with only a 7 case yield. We also selected a Bourbon World “Fruit Bomb” with utilizes the “E” or 21% rye mashbill and the Number “2” yeast which gives the spirit a fruity aroma and creamy texture. This is the the 8-10 yr range. Since these are both much OLDER barrels than what the current Bulleit facility has been operating you can bet these are older MGP barrels. They are bottled at 104 proof, perfect for the mash and yeasts used. These are definitely higher quality single barrels than the current profile of the program itself, so take advantage a grab a few. They’ll be incredible daily drinkers.