Yellowstone Select 750

A popular brand for over 150 years, Yellowstone has bounced around and been reborn six or seven times by different companies. In its current iteration, it’s owned by MGP who bought Luxco this past year. It was reborn in the early part of the craft whiskey boom by LImestone Branch, a craft distillery operated by Stephen and Paul Beam. A Kentucky Bourbon, LIKELY sourced from Heaven Hill, but NOT confirmed the nose presents soft mint and honey with a caramel corn quality. On the palate, the whiskey is soft with buttercream and vanilla emerging before spice and a kick of sugared orange peel along with brown sugar and a touch of oak spice. It’s a combo of 4 and 7 yr bourbons, I think MOST akin in flavor profile to regular Buffalo Trace, which is sometimes hard to get. Bottom line, soft, sweet, but balanced with enough oak to stand up in a cocktail or a big rock.