WIld Turkey Master’s Keep Voyage

Since Campari owns Wild Turkey AND Appleton Jamaican rum it was only a matter of time before this collaboration was born. Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Voyage is comprised of 10yr Kentucky Straight bourbon finished in Kentucky for an undisclosed amount of time in ex-14yr Jamican pot still rum casks. Bourbon finished in rum cask has been around for awhile but this is by far the highest profile brand and highest price point to attempt it. On the nose, a perfect blend of pot still fruit and Kentucky oak spice. There’s a vanilla potpourri aroma with candied orange and caramel as well. On the palate, the 106 proof 10yr spirit is a perfect balance of Kentucky oak and soft tropical fruit. Molten chocolate cake and more spice set up the long finish. The pot still rum is there the whole time but it never manages to take over or destroy the CORE Wild Turkey spice and oak driven experience. Fantastic blending all the way around!