Traveller Whiskey Blend No 40 Chris Stapleton

Comparing the new Chris Stapleton/Harlen Wheatley blended whiskey to OTHER blended American whiskies really isn’t fair, as that category has been stuck on the bottom shelf for years, BUT perhaps this new entry at closer to $40 will spark a trend and revive a great American “blending” tradition to reform at the premium price level. At least that’s the hope for distillers whose creativity is far more unbound when allowed to combine so many different types to whiskey to come up with a whole better than the sum of it’s parts. Traveller is a non-age stated 90 proof blended whiskey with no age statement. The nose is fresh and fruity and inviting with feint vanilla and marshmallow notes with a touch of lemon. On the palate, my guess is some combination of Buffalo Trace distillate with a decent chunk of vanilla sweet Canadian whiskey. Imagine the love child of Blanton’s and Caribou Crossing at 90 proof and a bit younger. That’s why this tastes like with a distinct “blended” whiskey drinkability that will even appeal to a Crown or Johnnie Walker drinker.