Top 3 Irish Whiskies

#1. Green Spot Irish Whiskey – this single pot still Irish whiskey is made with up to 30% unmalted barley, aged for 7-10 years in a variety of new and used bourbon barrels with some sherry barrels as well. The blend is powerfully flavorful with malt, fruit, cereal and citrus all pinging off the charts. #2. Bushmill’s 10yr Single Malt represents the “malt” style whiskey which is made extensively in Ireland as well as an offering from the north part of the island. This is the chewiest, maltiest, citrus inflected of the bunch and has always been a sleeper hit in my opinion, tons of juicy grape-like flavors as well. #3. Jameson Irish whiskey is the best selling Irish whiskey by millions of cases, but that doesn’t make if bland or bad. In fact, it’s fully flavored, but with an approachability that has made in inextricably into a shot brand. Oh well, it’s just darn good. Honey rich with a touch of sherry influence and a grainy sweetness that persists.