Penelope 15yr Light Whiskey

Older stocks of MGP “Light Whiskey” at some point will run out, because there’s no way any craft distiller will sit on ANYTHING for 15+ years. So what’s been bottled over the past few years will be it, more than likely. The category itself, created for blends and drinkers who preferred lighter whiskey, is basically just a notch between bourbon and vodka on the distilling scale, but when you add this many years in cask to it, you end up with a wholly different and fascinating product, far from what it was ever meant. Creamy vanilla explodes on the nose with thick butterscotch, intense florals, and rich butter. On the palate the 128 proof carries with it the most intense flavorful vanilla and butterscotch. This tastes like a George T Stagg version of a top shelf Canadian whiskey. Truly unique and delicious, interesting, but extremely approachable with just masses of flavor!