Parker’s Heritage Rye 10yr 2023 Release

Sourced from five different rickhouse locations and bottled at 128.8 proof, the 2023 release of Parker’s Heritage eschews any fancy wood tricks or secondary ageing and simply falls back on a 10yr, barrel proof rye whiskey to do the talking. And THANK GOD because this is the best Parker’s Heritage release in years. Step aside Van Winkle Rye 13, you’ve got some competition. Smoked meats and smoldering oak fire on the nose with ginger, brine, and orange fruit emerging. On the palate, intensely chewy rye, bready at first, then sharp and textural. This ain’t a starter whiskey. The oak is dark, but eventually lets the grain come out and play as you chew. Fruit is obliterated on the finish leaving nothing but a tingling oak sensation. Blockbuster and worthy of the name!