Most Mysterious Whiskey in the World Michter’s Sour Mash

With new distilleries sometimes bending over backwards to reveal the source and make of every aspect of their products, it’s a weird throwback to encounter a product like Michter’s Sour Mash. It’s not a bourbon. It doesn’t have a published mashbill. It doesn’t say where it’s distilled. It doesn’t have an age statement. As a simple “whiskey” it could be a fair number of different things, but it doesn’t really go into ANY of that. So, ultimately it doesn’t really matter what the background of the whiskey is, you just have to judge it purely on TASTE! On the nose, purest old “dusty” sweet brown sugar nose of any “bourbon” on the market. Some lemon tart thrown in as well. On the palate, the 86 proof is so soft and sweet to drink you’d think you were sipping a bottle of National Distillers OGD. Intensely flavored, buttery soft, with light leather and orange peel as well.