Knob Creek 9yr

We’ve got Knob Creek 9yr 100 proof on sale until June 2024 for only $18.39 per bottle. You’ll never see a hotter price on one of the BEST every day bourbons on the market. So, let’s take this opportunity to revisit an old friend. One of the OG Jim Beam Small Batch bourbons along with Booker’s, Baker’s, and Basil Hayden’s, Knob Creek has always been a jewel hiding in plain sight. Soft lemon and orange inflected spice on the nose with almond and and coconut. On the palate, more coconut, barrel spice, orange liqueur, and that foxy yeast so you know it’s Jim Beam. At 9 years the spice is well-developed, but at 100 proof it’s extremely drinkable making it exactly what you want in an every day sipper. And at $18.39 per bottle, you’d better buy a case before we run out!