Jefferson’s Marian McLain

This limited edition release from Jefferson’s pays homage to Trey Zoeller’s 8th generation Grandmother named Marian McLain, a woman who in 1799 was arrested for bootlegging and was one of the first documented women in American whiskey. No surprise, Trey and his father Chet are bourbon historians, the latter having authored several books on the subject of American whiskey. The repository of bourbon stories and history amongst the Zoeller clan is second to none. That being said, their release of a bourbon “blend” is also right in line with current trends, where distillers and bottlers attempting to STRETCH and evolve the resources of aged whiskey in a time of great demand, can create something altogether better than the sum of its parts. The blend is a 14yr old Tennessee Bourbon, an 11yr old Kentucky, an Indiana Wheated Double Barrel, a Kentucky Rum Cask Finish, and an 8yr old Kentucky bourbon, all bottled at 102 proof. Surprising amount of orchard fruit on the nose with florals and vanillas spiking between whiffs, very elegant. On the palate, loads of barrel spice, soft nougat, fruit and leather. Distinct orange and cherry emerge as well, as if READY MADE for an over the top Old Fashioned.