Jack Daniel’s 12yr Batch 002

The shocking truth about Jack Daniel’s is that the older the whiskey and higher the proof the BETTER it keeps getting. Whiskey brands for years have leant on marketing speak around “the perfect age” or “aged to perfection” while being realtively vague about actual age, but then end up releasing older whiskies that just aren’t quite as good as their regular line up. This is not the case with Jack, as every experiment in longer ageing as well as higher proofs has proven far superior to the regularly released item. The second batch of Jack 12yr is just such a whiskey. Maple sugar goodness up and down the nose with piles of dessert aromas including toasted marshmallows. On the palate, more caramel and maple with the perfect amount of spice. Bottled at 107 proof, PERFECT in my opinion.