Huber Rye Single Barrel

How a long time craft bourbon producer in Indiana like Huber’s continues to be overlooked boggles my mind. For at least the past two years their ryes have been world class with a softer, fruitier barrel note on the nose different than anything else on the market. Regularly priced at $59.99, we’ve got multiple years on sale for $44.99 through the end of the year. Today I’m checking out our 2023 single barrel rye pick for Bourbon World which weighs in at 111.6 proof. Lifted Autumn candy notes on the nose with dark fruit, pine spice, and slapped mint. On the palate and incredibly soft and complex rye with both the high end spice notes and the low end barrel and fruit notes performing perfectly together. There’s such and depth and richness in these whiskies that you don’t find in larger brands, mostly due to the higher end and unique barrels that the Huber family is always experimenting with. Even their run of the mill barrels tend to be longer air-dried and much better than the standard, and you can really taste the difference on the mid-palate and weight of these whiskies.