Heaven Hill 7yr Bottled in Bond

With all the over-hyped finished and MGP bottled brands on the market it’s nice to see a measured, value-driven, age-stated release from a major distillery that has the juice to back it up, and that’s EXACTLY what you get in Heaven Hill Bottled in Bond 7yr, a 100 proof bourbon from HH that pulls no punches. Even though it’s priced relatively higher than Evan Williams or Elijah Craig, it delivers the age, proof, flavor, and drinkability that new brands at TWICE the price can’t match. Soft fruit on the nose leading with pear, apple, and citrus. On the palate a minty, herbal, cinnamon flavor bomb that’s sweet up front and spicy on the finish. I wish more distilleries would take a page out of the Heaven Hill book and release non-gimmicky better versions of what’s out there!