Hard Truth High Road Sweet Mash Rye

Massive tropical fruit notes for a rye whiskey. Spice is fairly subdued. I’ve been critical of some ham-fisted Hard Truth releases in the past, but what we have here emerging is an actual new “house style” of whiskey. You have to manage your expecatations though, becasue it is NOT an MGP 95% rye, and it’s not even in the same universe as most standard distillery 51% ryes. This is wholly on it’s own. First off, it’s 100% fruit driven, almost cordial-like in both nose and palate. Apple skins, pears, and peaches along apricot and even lime! On the palate, the 93 proof spirit, skims the tongue, leaving anise, clove, ginger, and a distinct oak note. Tried it neat, on the rocks, and in an Old Fashioned and I have to say the Old Fashioned stood out becasue of how soft and fruity the whiskey is to begin with, so give it a shot. It’s local, it’s made with integrity, and it tastes pretty darn good!