Derby Favorites – Old Fo 100 & Barton Bourbon Ball

Every Derby party needs some essentials, and in this case there are two that come to mind. One, Old Forester Signature 100 proof. This is THE bourbon of Louisville. It’s also maybe the best “go to” everyday bourbon available. At least 4 years old and 100 proof it’s got the signature Brown Forman mix of brown sugar, oak, and fruit. It’s perfectly proof for an Old Fashioned, but on Derby Day you’ve GOT to try it in a julep, just make sure you have the right ice. While you’re stocking up, don’t forget that the Chocolate Bourbon Ball is THE sweet treat you should be eating with your Benedictine sandwiches. Lucky for you thought, 1792 Distillery makes a cream liqueur under their Barton brand that’s essentially a Bourbon Ball in liquid form. Even if it’s hot out, pour this over ice and enjoy the sweet bourbon-y kick!