Bardstown Origin Series Wheated Bottled in Bond Bourbon

One of the first releases of product 100% distilled and aged at Bardstown Bourbon Company, DSP KY-20037. This is a 68% corn, 20% wheat, 12% malted barley 6yr Bottled in Bond 100 proof straight bourbon whiskey. The nose starts with a lot of soft orchard fruit, think apple skins and ripe pears, then a touch of red fruit and some walnuts and peanuts. On the palate, distinctly spicy, not really like a wheater at all, but lean, high-toned, with a full complement of spices, including cinnamon, cardamom, and pepper. Honey and maple syrup sweetness follows through the long finish. It’s not as soft as Maker’s or Weller, and lacks the leather influence or fruitiness of those whiskies, but its big flavor!

Top 3 Bourbons UNDER $40 You Can Buy Right Now!

The number of fantastic bottles of bourbon you can buy right off the shelf at a fair price has not changed. In fact, it’s only expanded in recent years, despite folk’s insistence that they can “never find the good stuff.” The truth is, more people than ever want a pool of very scarce products. That being said, here are three bottles you can go get off the shelf RIGHT NOW for under $40. If you can learn to love these the way people “think” they love Blanton’s then you will never be disappointed. To quote Stephen Stills, “love the one you’re with.” So, for my money, Elijah Craig Small Batch, Wild Turkey 101, and Maker’s Mark 101 offer the most balanced, flavor forward, drinkable, versatile, and affordable “shelfers” on the market. Wild Turkey 101 is an absolute classic, a master class in subtle bourbon flavor. It’s rich, oaky, but with a soft licorice and herbal finish. Elijah Craig Small batch for under $35 is still in insane value. Bottle at 94 proof it’s sweet, rustic flavors driven by orange, mint, and cherry make an unparalleled Old Fashioned. And finally, Maker’s Mark 101, is simply without a doubt the most delicious and drinkable bourbon on the market and no one is talking about. It’s the PERFECT PROOF for Maker’s Mark. It’s not much more expensive than regular and literally puts any competitor at the $40 price point to shame. Can’t find Weller??? This is the best shelf wheater you’ll ever taste. Period.

Widow Jane 10yr Bourbon

A blend of non-chill filtered 10yr old straight whiskies from Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee proofed down with pure limestone mineral water from the Rosendale mines in New York. Sweet cookies and cream on the nose with a touch of tropical fruit and soft Tennessee leather. On the palate, a burst of juicy fruit to start, fairly mouth watering, with a rush of spices at the finish. Collectively pretty balanced with softer mint and spice notes emerging on second and third sips. Here’s a “craft blend” actually worth a damn.

Angel’s Envy Rye

95% rye finished in rum casks and bottled at 100 proof, the Angel’s Envy Rye has long been the sweetest, most dessert like and decadent rye on the market, and this current bottling is no exception. Cotton candy, spice, and leather on the nose. One the palate, a quick hit of baking spice, then Big League Chew bubblegum, mint, and a touch of vanilla cream. Sweet and spicy, and just about the easiest drinking rye you’ll ever taste.

Woodford Reserve 750

Reviewed on-site at the Woodford Reserve distillery, this modern classic is a tribute to the Brown-Forman signature brown sugar flavor, balanced with a touch of spice, citrus, and orchard fruit, Woodford starts sweet and finishes slightly spicy with cinnamon and darker fruits. You can never ever go wrong with a bottle of Woodford on your bar.

Green River Bourbon

Warm spiced pear liqueur on the nose, orange zest, lime, and mixed nuts. On the palate fancy vanilla ice cream, soft honey, strawberries, and a touch of cedar. Very alluring grain spice on the finish. Fantastic texture.

Ezra Brooks Cask Strength Single Barrel

Honey, mint, apple. Sweet nose intially, then woodsy. Was likely Heaven Hill sourced but under a Non-disclosure agreement so can’t officially say, though that would make it almost 6 yr, barrel proof HH, and now $10 cheaper. The charcoal filtering brings out licorice and a touch more barrel spice. Good ol’ Kentucky chew at a great price.