Bulleit Single Barrel

ALERT…$15 OFF! Since Diageo firmly planted their flag in Northern Kentucky, the quality of the Bulleit single barrels has only gone up. This high rye version of the Bulleit mashbill comes in at 104 proof and exhibits finely tuned oak notes along with birthday cake, vanilla, and orange fruit on the nose. On the palate, a blast of orange and spice. Makes me think we may have a perfect Old Fashioned single barrel on our hands, based on the mid-palate and proof alone. Throw in the $15 discount, and you really can’t go wrong!

Huber Rye Single Barrel

How a long time craft bourbon producer in Indiana like Huber’s continues to be overlooked boggles my mind. For at least the past two years their ryes have been world class with a softer, fruitier barrel note on the nose different than anything else on the market. Regularly priced at $59.99, we’ve got multiple years on sale for $44.99 through the end of the year. Today I’m checking out our 2023 single barrel rye pick for Bourbon World which weighs in at 111.6 proof. Lifted Autumn candy notes on the nose with dark fruit, pine spice, and slapped mint. On the palate and incredibly soft and complex rye with both the high end spice notes and the low end barrel and fruit notes performing perfectly together. There’s such and depth and richness in these whiskies that you don’t find in larger brands, mostly due to the higher end and unique barrels that the Huber family is always experimenting with. Even their run of the mill barrels tend to be longer air-dried and much better than the standard, and you can really taste the difference on the mid-palate and weight of these whiskies.

Yellowstone Select Bourbon

This revived brand from Limestone Branch, which was first bought by Luxco, then purchased by MGP is a 4+ year 93 proof straight kentucky bourbon. No frills, just an everyday “shelfer” worth taking a second or even third look at. On the nose, a light lemon custard with floral aromas and fresh cut oak. On the palate, spice first, then soft fruit throughout. This rye driven standard release might just convince me, as Blanton’s often does, that middle to low 90s is the best proof for every day bourbon drinking. If you crave a “house pour” that’s a little bit different than what everyone else has, AND you want to be able to buy it whenever you want, look no further than Yellowstone Select.

Old Bardstown Estate 750

People still view Willett as relatively scarce, especially some of the bourbons, but hiding in plain sight is Old Bardstown estate, a 4-5 year bottling of Willett Estate bourbon bottled at 101 proof. Peanut butter, vanilla, and maple on the nose. On the palate, a rich, chewy, biscuit and orange marmalade note persist. Almost the PERFECT bourbon for an Old Fashioned.

On the Rocks Old Fashioned

A good Old Fashioned is both simple and complicated…booze, sugar, bitters, orange, and cherry, but getting the booze to sweet ratio with just the perfect touch of fruit and bitters is harder than you might think, and even harder when you’re doing it in a pre-batched cocktail that will need to account for varying levels of ice cubes. On the Rocks Old Fashioned is one of the OGs of the craft cocktail RTD scene which is only a few years old but growing like crazy. And they happen to be at the top, EXACTLY because they have the balance correct.

Buzzard’s Roost Char #1

From Jason Brauner, owner of Louisville’s Bourbons Bistro, the original OG Louisville Bourbon bar and restaurant, comes Buzzard’s Roost, an incrementally innovative and relatively straightforward and transparent bourbon brand utilizing mostly MGP juice and bottling unfiltered whiskies. Their #1 Char bourbon is finished in the LOWEST level char possible and presents a sweet nutty nose with hints of Sweetarts candies and orchard fruit. On the palate the perfectly drinkable 105 proof drops the chewy, grainy, sweet caramel apple note that was WAY better than I expected.

Elijah Craig Ryder Cup Edition 2023

This special edition of Elijah Craig is finished in toasted European oak casks to bridge the divide between the US and Europe, hated rivals in the rowdiest international golf tournament in the world. The bottling starts with regular Elijah Craig 94 proof, and then is finished in toasted oak barrels made to mimic the barrels used in the Lazio wine region which contains Rome, the host of the 2023 tournament. The nose is highly perfumed with almond paste replacing the normal herbal notes of EC, soft orange and apple fruits as well. On the palate, more rich nutty notes with chocolate covered almonds along with roasted coffee notes, raisin, and honey.

Green River Wheated Sour Mash Bourbon

An old DSP (distilled spirits plant) and an old brand (Green RIier) have finally reunited! Green River wheated bourbon at 21% wheat excludes lots of warm fruit, cereal notes, and light oak spice. On the palate it’s one of the lightest, sweetest, and dare we say “smoothest” bourbons on the market. Soft vanilla, fresh cut oak, a touch of caramel as well. If you like Maker’s Mark but want something even easier to sip on, give Green River a try!