Borchetta Bourbon Single Barrel “1972 AAR Eagle”

The second release in the historic Borchetta Bourbon single barrel series pays homage to Bobby Unser’s 1972 AAR Eagle, the first racecar to ever break 200mph on a closed course. The actual car is OWNED by Scott Borchetta, and is lovingly reproduced on the bottle stopper. In the historic box sits a single barrel of 5yr, cask strength Tennessee Bourbon bottled at 122.5 proof and hand-numbered. This honestly has to be the most detailed, story-oriented package of whiskey I have ever seen. It’s worth the $299.99 just to read the story on the darn label. The whiskey inside boasts dark cherry, ripe banana, rich oak, and leather. It’s definitely craft, but one of the better ones I’ve had, honestly.