Alberta Premium Cask Strength

Pure whiskey candy! This 100% rye from Alberta Distillers has long been available up north, but only in recent years has it made its way to the US. It’s one of those truly under the radar greats that people tend to try once, really like it, then flee back to known waters. I would suggest returning to this bottle as a regular line up item. It’s just so rich, flavorful, balanced and truly one of the WORLD’S GREAT WHISKIES. Aged approximately 5 years and bottled at 127 proof, the nose starts off with sweet mint, vanilla, toffee, milk chocolate, and fresh cut oak. So much FRESHNESS from the minty rye, you have to keep going back for more. The palate is as crisp and rye focused as anything you’ll ever taste. Rye at this proof and this mashbill turns into fresh, herbal, mint-inflected rock candy. Top that off with a creamy toffee and some more vanilla.