Weller CYPB 2022 Release

“Craft Your Perfect Bourbon” is an 8 year old wheated mashbill aged on highest floors and bottled at 95 proof. It is a bourbon created by data and taste concensus, and while I would normally defer to the hadn of the maker, in this case the mob got it right. Perfumed and balanced nose of fruit, floral, and candy bourbon flavors. Tropcical fruit mixed with cashews, oranges, and light leathery oak. On the palate, soft, subtle, and piercingly complex in that the whiskey is “light” but only by touch. The flavors are multi-layered, fruit driven, and extremely well balanced. While some dusties are sublime for their rich butterscotch, a truly exaltant new bourbon should be known for the lightness and light of the distillate, such subtle and complex flavors can only be produced by the HIGHEST of standards of process and QC. WOW…floored. I want more!